THREE: ONLINE RESIDENCY (August 2020 - ongoing)

The ongoing corona pandemic has led us to adopt new approaches to continue to share our experiences while being in two different cities. There were many things to consider but the first need was to develop a way to continue working together and pursue our research related to urban space. We have therefore expanded our concept of exploration, focusing on a re-appropriation of urban spaces that can take place in unison despite being 1,516.6 km away. From a physical research in the field we moved to one that is linked to the concept of ubiquity and multilocation. Through this ongoing research we started to devolop scores, that can be performed by two person in two different locations, using written or spoken assignments, sound transmission through mobile radio or the transfer of audio recordings and most inportantly a immeadiate reflection and sharing of the experience through a conversation, guided by additional questions. The growing collection of scores are free to download in the SCORE section of this website. 

In some cases the interpretation of or scores and the reflection on the expirience became sound pieces, that can be found below. They combine the documentation of the performance with some selected parts of the conversation.


- - - - - -

TWO: CUREGHEM - sound performance - 21.02.2020

The multi-channel sound performance we created after their two-weeks residency at Wekplaats Walter invites the audience to retrace our process in the form of a composition of field recordings and spoken text. The following sound file is an excerpt of the 20 minutes long sound performance.

- - - - - -


During our research residency in february 2020 at Werkplaats Walter, Brussels we explored the socio-political dimension of sound and listening in urban space as a mode of sharing and cohabitation. Starting from the local context of the neighbourhood Cureghem, a very diverse immigrant neighbourhood south of Brussels, we especially focused on the connection between a sonic atmosphere and feelings of alientation or "being at home".


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